30 Day Song Challenge: 1 – Your Favourite Song

From Leigh Johnson, via Robin James: the 30 day song challenge.

Number 1: Blondie, “Union City Blue”. I honestly though this was going to be harder.

That riff, New York City, Debbie, the infinite blue world reflected in her shades. Everyone goofing off in the final chorus. And yeah, half of my love is based on the video, but so what, it’s a 20th century pop song.


2 responses to “30 Day Song Challenge: 1 – Your Favourite Song

  1. Peter J Casey

    Typically late, I’m listening to each of these 30 songs. I’ve never done this kind of challenge myself, but I’ll happily hop on the coat-tails of someone with great taste who has.

    Mike, I didn’t know this one! How does one avoid a Blondie song? Especially love the distant, echoey drums combined with the doubled, right-up-front vocals. Almost always gets me, that approach.

  2. This was Blondie’s sleeper single – it was only a hit in the UK, and it never used to be included on best-of CDs. I only found out about it because Rage used to play it all the time.

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