A fabled city shrouded in myth, legend and metafiction which I’ve been writing about since 2010. The least fragmentary pieces are in bold.

First sequence

The Game Players of Louchébem
Warriors of Louchébem
Louchébem, City of Many Names
Farewell to Louchébem
Taking Louchébem
A Young Poet in Louchébem
Fabliaux of Louchébem
Factions of Louchébem

Second sequence

Dead Roads of Louchébem
Traders of Louchébem
Return to Louchébem (1)
Dynasties of Louchébem
Louchébem Nights (1)
The Old City: The Walls
The Garden of Speakable Pleasures
Gates of the Old City
Tales of Louchébem
The Outer Wall
Louchébem Nights (2)
Childrens’ Games of Louchébem
Lays of Louchébem
Flight from Louchébem
Ghosts of Louchébem
The Sack of Louchébem
Card Games of Louchébem
Louchébem Days
Saints of Louchébem
Lost Arts of Louchébem
The Singers of Louchébem
The Old City: The Foundations
Conquerors of Louchébem
Dainties of Louchébem
Return to Louchébem (2)
The Rains of Louchébem
Louchébem Dawns
Louchébem by Twilight

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