I’m Mike Lynch. Most of the time I work at the University of Technology, Sydney and take care of my three daughters.

In odd moments I write very short stories, poems and parodies and post them here.

I didn’t know what to do with the really long comment on this page by Mr Kidd – it came about because I reviewed a book about the Joyce Wars on my last blog – so I just left it there.


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  1. Dear Mike,

    Because you have posted about the “Joyce Wars” or “joycewars”, I thought you might like to know that I have this month, June 2007, decided to post more than the New York Review pieces such as “The Scandal of Ulysses” which you have already linked to at your “spike” site.

    My main site is Textology.googlepages.com

    From Textology one can select “Joyce Wars”. Google seems slow to index these pages in the four weeks I have been putting them together. Why not, I cannot say. There will be lots of things — hundreds of pages of material — that will not show up when you google strings like “John Kidd” plus a topic.

    The Joyce material is only half of the show at Textology.googlepages.com. The rest is devoted to Digital Humanities, with special emphasis on scholarly editing, though many Digital Humanists are more bow-wow than know-how when it comes to real books and real manuscripts — a lax tradition loosened even more by the “Computerized Ulysses” of 1984. That’s what much of my Inquiry is about.

    Some of the pages are in good shape, such as the monograph, *An Inquiry into Ulysses: The Corrected Text* at /inquiry — except for its final charts. It is almost twenty years since *An Inquiry* was published as perhaps the earliest joint print+digital literary monograph.

    Other pages are being constructed while my Mac hard-drive is parked in my Rio de Janeiro hotel room. My iBook picked up mildew in Zhuhai (“Pearl Sea”) China.

    For example, the Joyce_Wars_Checklist is filled with partial corrections to an error-ridden “Bibliography of Genetic Joyce” by the Antwerp Joyceans. It is not ready for copying and re-use. Fixing errors by myself and others with my hard-drive locked down is tricky. Memory can only serve one so far, and the Web has 3 typos for every 5 items about Joyce. (Sometimes 5 typos for every 3 items.) My new favorite is a book by allegedly called “Ulysses and the Irish Cod,” by an author “Laxig”, known as “Lang” to the rest of us.

    Google this –>
    “Irish Cod” site:oxfordjournals.org

    October 12, Columbus Day, will mark the official launch, but you are welcome to poke around and link before then. But don’t blame me for the typos before then … some are imported and others homegrown : and all will be scrubbed during the summer, if Google’s Page Creator doesn’t get any crankier than it already is.

    Thanks for the past links to my work.


  2. Any tips on linking to Textology.googlepages.com? This comment from Nannygoat was all that I found when searching for it.

  3. Hello…

    Just sent an email to address listed in the spike page. Julie and I googled Nadine and came across it.

    I’ll be home for Christmas. If the planets are in alignment maybe we’ll catch up!

  4. everything I know about Joyce’s Ulysses, I learned from Sally Kirkland while viewing ‘Back To School’.

    Should I be worried?

  5. No, of course not.

    Everything I know about Sally Kirkland I learnt from Googling her after reading your comment, so I think we’re even.

  6. oh! dear MrLynch
    obviously the heat has melted my memory, and if I had been correct, you would not have had to Guugle Sally KELLERMAN who played a college literature professor memorably reading Joyce aloud to her class.

    “oh yes yes I said yes”

  7. Ah now, I can remember that scene; about the only thing from that movie which I do remember.

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