MANage Your Diet with Dudetrition

Low GI Joe

The Old Man and the Celiac

Heart Foundation Tick of Approval of Darkness

Men Without Gluten

A Safe Idea

We in the first world have the same relationship with dangerous ideas as we do with wild animals. We think they’re really cool and awesome, and we love to talk about them and watch them on the telly, and the chances of us coming to any personal harm from them is basically zero.

Things, Enjoyed

Bell Shakespeare’s production of The Tempest
Marc Ribot’s solo show at the Vanguard in Newtown
Running in the City to Surf
The first volume of The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (I think Gibbon should be prescribed to bookish types with anxiety and depression, that their cares might be diverted by his material, and their temperaments balanced by his style)
Ann Leckie’s Ancillary Sword (the sort of sf novel that the Hugo-stacking dorks are rightly afraid of)
Recovering from the shin splints I got after the City to Surf
Autechre’s box set of EPs (not so good for the old mood, I have to say)

Antisocial August sucks.

Stop Being a Dickhead, PM Urged

Leading journalists and business leaders have warned that the nation faces a crisis of confidence unless the Prime Minister can stop being a dickhead.

“This nation can no longer afford the uncertainty of being ruled by a dill,” stated one senior Fairfax political commentator in a column entitled “Why Tony Abbott must become a completely differently person”. “It had been assumed by most gallery observers that Mr Abbott would ‘grow into’ the role of prime minister. That we still persist in this belief is, I feel, a touching glimmer of optimism in what is largely thought of as a cynical trade. However, time is running out.”

The Prime Minister, a lifelong dickhead who was awarded a Blue for being a massive galoot at Oxford, and whose achievements in public life include acknowledging the paternity of a child which was not his own, posing in front of a “Ditch the Witch” sign and galloping out of the Lower House like a complete idiot to avoid a vote with Craig Thomson, was unavailable for comment.

“Even the left had underestimated the extent of Abbott’s silliness,” said Philip Adams, noted radio journalist and faint residue of bone imprints and protoplasm sandwiched between layers of shale. “We’re gradually realising that Tony Abbott is not the Second Coming of Margaret Thatcher, but Billy McMahon with a less-attractive wife.” This remark drew appreciative chuckles and cardiac fibrillations from the few remaining Australians who sexually objectify Sonia McMahon.

The nature of Slavoj was irrepressible!

In the worlds before Monkey, primal chaos reigned. Heaven sought order, but the Phoenix can fly only when its feathers are grown. The four worlds formed again and yet again, as endless æons wheeled and passed. Time and the pure essences of Heaven, the moistures of the Earth, and the powers of the Sun and the Moon all worked upon a certain trash can, old as Creation, and it magically became fertile.

That first trash can was named: “Ideology”.


I invite you to imagine what a nightmare it would be to work with either of these dorks:

How I Gave Up Alternating Current

I have not set foot in a grocery store in years. Nevermore will I bumble through endless confusing aisles like a pack-donkey searching for feed while the smell of rotting flesh fills my nostrils and fluorescent lights sear my eyeballs and sappy love songs torture my ears. Grocery shopping is a multisensory living nightmare. There are services that will make someone else do it for me but I cannot in good conscience force a fellow soul through this gauntlet.

What Is Ethereum?

Hopefully you wrote down the terms of that loan as a contract. However, the authors of laws and the writers of contracts face a special kind of challenge. Ideally, there should never be any confusion about the meaning of the agreement. But laws are written with words, and words are famously imprecise.

So these are big problems with traditional law. Agreements are ambiguous. And enforcement is hard.

Ethereum solves both these problems. It does this with the marriage of two special ingredients: a digital currency, and a complete programming language. Let’s look at both.

Blogging is back, baby, and to prove it, I finally sprung for a domain name of my own:, which is where I’ll be posting work-related stuff, in a very broad interpretation of “work” which includes odd writing/web projects like the Catalogus Stellarum and other FSVO endeavours.

I’m keeping this as a personal/writing/whinging blog.