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Materiality: FAKE

DD4_layersI’ve got two short articles in MATERIALITY: FAKE, now online at Pinknantucket Press:

An uncanny valley in reverse is a brief illustrated attempt to explain the computational underpinning of deepdreams for a lay audience.

Vermiculation, on the use of fake rustic textures in classical architecture and its colonial domestic descendants.


Help publish Materiality: SURFACE!

Now you can help fund the next issue of pinknantucket press’s excellent themed journal Materiality. SURFACE is due to come out in September this year. Like the previous issues, BOOK, TIME and PRECIOUS, SURFACE will include lots of great fiction, non-fiction, poetry and graphic art about the intersection of materials and culture. My contribution to this issue is an interview with my brother about the mysteries of the family business: electroplating.


Materiality: Precious

The third issue of Materiality: PRECIOUS is available now from the Pinknantucket Press!

Along with many other good things, it includes my story “The Faithful Alchemist”, set in the fabled and impeccably pretentious city of Louchébem.

In honour of the occasion, I’ve added an index to those fragments of the Louchébem corpus which have already appeared in these pages.

Materiality 1

The first issue of Materiality, a themed journal about the physical and material aspects of culture, is about books. It features many fascinating essays, stories and poems, including one or two of mine, and is on sale at the pinknantucket press shop.