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Materiality: FAKE

DD4_layersI’ve got two short articles in MATERIALITY: FAKE, now online at Pinknantucket Press:

An uncanny valley in reverse is a brief illustrated attempt to explain the computational underpinning of deepdreams for a lay audience.

Vermiculation, on the use of fake rustic textures in classical architecture and its colonial domestic descendants.


Deepdreams Dive Two: the MIT Places Neural Net

Here are some more sample images run on the same randomised coloured fog as the last dive. These are done with a different neural net, based on the MIT Places database. They lack the biomorphic horrors of the default net, but they have a kind of weird beauty.


3a. Low-level features, and a tendency to diffract colour


3b. These look curiously suggestive of the spiral patterns on ancient Celtic artefacts.


4a. You can really see how the Places net gets cues from colour here: as you might expect, the green parts seem to want to turn into parks.


4b. This layer is just crazy for chairs. And windfarms.


4c. Pagodas as far as the eye can see.


4d. The wind farms are back, and the pagodas are starting to look like stupas.


4e. It’s strange how at the higher levels, this model starts to go wonky. There are anphitheatres forming in the lower left.


5a. Oddly specific details here: a watertower and a fountain.


5b. This is the only layer in this net that I find very unsettling. There are suggestions of distorted faces, and something like a pine-forest in the middle.