Daily Archives: March 9, 2017

The deep state

The deep state never sleeps.

The deep state is in a perpetual struggle with the shallow state.

The deep state is in an uneasy truce with the pelagic state.

The deep state denies the existence of the abyssal state.

The deep state, like the imaginary politics of science fiction writers and futurists, is radically univocal. Unlike the state proper and the historical events in which the latter has its being, it is not subject to varying interpretations.

The deep state has its own calendar of deep state holidays. The observance of these is carried out in public but go unnoticed, parades of unmarked black SUVs blending with freeway traffic, gifts exchanged by dead drops in failing suburbs, tag phrases inserted into the speeches of dignitaries, composite virtual dinners which consist of the food items on scores of plates scattered around the globe.

The deep state lives in a mound of old Tom Clancy paperbacks.

Uttering the name of the deep state is a phatic speech act or magical ritual which reassures both the speaker and auditor that they are at least capable of pretending to have not been completely overwhelmed by political events.

Deep libertarianism denies the validity of the deep state and relies upon the power of the deep market, which is also known as Nature.

The deep state resents the distancing use of quotation marks. Every time it is referred to as ‘the “deep state”’ the name and station of the perpetrator is noted in a ledger by agents of the deep state.

The deep state, like certain gods, is immanent. No woman or man can know that their least gesture did not form a part of the deep state’s hidden intentions.