Day 12 – a song from a band you hate

In the last couple of years I’ve been overcoming my ignorant teenage horror of prog rock, but I still can’t brook Genesis. I’ll have to cross this bridge someday, because I formed this opinion based on their horrible post-Gabriel hits.

I will admit, though, that Phil Collins’ voice is one of those which goes really well in a mashup (John Lennon’s is like this too). And until I heard this excellent track by Eric Kleptone, I’d never paid enough attention to the lyrics to “Land of Confusion” to realise that they are, hands down, the worst political songwriting of all time, the epitome of muddle-headed middle-aged boomer self-congratulation. They climb to dizzying heights of piffle, making “We Didn’t Start The Fire” look like “Strange Fruit” by comparison.

“I won’t be coming home tonight / My generation will put it right / We won’t be making promises / That we know we’ll never keep”

Right. Sure you will.


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