The Causal Angel

Hannu Rajaniemi

The conclusion to the Jean le Flambeur trilogy which started with The Quantum Thief. I enjoyed this as much as the first two books, although for me, nothing really capped the moment in The Fractal Prince when we discover the true nature of the Aun, as breathtaking a piece of meta-(science)-fiction as I’ve read in decades. The Causal Angel has a society which uses quantum entanglement as currency/politics, entertaining intertexts, especially the Finnish ones, and just enough explanations of the backstory of Rajaniemi’s posthuman solar system to not spoil the mystery. In principle, I frown on the “computational turn” in contemporary sf, but this disapproval wilts in comparison to the pleasure I get from stories that throw you in at the deep end and expect you to keep pace with a bewildering array of strange terms and situations. What we might call high modernist science fiction.

Coincidentally, I was reminded the other day of Cyriak’s bizarre manipulation/animations: I don’t think the world of Jean le Flambeur could really be filmed but this animation made me think of Rajaniemi’s Sobornost.

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