Not Montaigne

Of coaches
Of diverting or diversions
Of digressions
Of another matter, &c.
Of love-making
An apology of Raymond Sebond
A retraction of Raymond Sebond
Of a monstrous child
Of the inconstancy of our actions
Of a subject that has naught to do with the title under which it is presented
A sullen look of Raymond Sebond
Of the Cannibals
Upon some verses of Virgil, the which shall be disregarded for the better part of the essay
Of head-lice
Of political correctness
Of my own character and temperament, which is a fickle patched inconsistent thing, but withal still pretty good
Of what-you-will
A passive-aggressive dinner invitation of Raymond Sebond
That to philosophize is to learn how to diet
That to philosophize is to learn how to spell
Of complaining
Of age
Of my library, which is on the third storey of a tower, and which you would really like if I were to permit you to visit it; which I will not
Of boots
Of the art of entitling essays


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