Markov papers

A belated tribute to the unmasking of @horse_ebooks: as a distraction during the ERA 2012 round, I added a module to the reporting scripts which tokenised all of the journal article titles and ran them through a Markov algorithm. Here are some of the best. 

Structured coprime factor model phytoplankton of switched reluctance motors based on lower-extremity muscle strength and power in excess sludge of engagement

Performance analysis of the curious

Forced marriage as a pedestrian detection system in the water, everywhere.

Performance and user’s perspectives of fingermarks using infrared hyperspectral spectrometer data using magnetorheological elastomers for solving open complex giant systems

But wait, there’s more…: a user in a caring role of particulate selenium in frocks

Do loyalty of economic contributions from a temperate pine plantation in molluscan assemblages from the stem water in two-dimensional photonic crystal microcavity

Deterministic initialization of robotic formations using discrete choice experiments are not far enough?

Simultaneous localisation and mapping microscale and sexuality in Sydney

Hot summers and shopper loyalty in transitional markets: an inert atmosphere

The role of urban decay in professional Australian women


One response to “Markov papers

  1. The role of urban decay in professional Australian women, c’est moi.

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