One of the things I missed most about Twitter was recommending things, so I started noting things down and here is the backlog.

Orange Is The New Black

Thelonious Monk, Alone in San Francisco

Behind the Candelabra

Borges’ essays on Dante (please, don’t read or write anything about Dan Brown, just read these and/or the poem)

Danny O’Brien giving Bruce Sterling a serve

Scattered Order, “Escape Via Cessnock”

Pamela Zoline

Langenscheidts Konversationsbuch English-Deutsch

David Bellos, Is That A Fish In Your Ear

M John Harrison, Climbers


Graham Robb, The Discovery Of France

Dukkah stuffahs, which are capsicums stuffed with chopped mushrooms and onions and dukkah with grated cheese on top and some more dukkah and then roasted in the oven

The Bad Plus play The Rite Of Spring

Akira (even though the rival gang look like Juggalos: fuckin’ psionic powers, how do they work?)

Ann Cvetkovich, Depression: A Public Feeling


Running, hurting one’s calf while running, taking up lap swimming because your physio told you not to run, even though you’re the last person you’d think would swim laps at 6:30AM


Seeing your daughters get into weird nerdy stuff like Homestuck


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