Ghosts of Louchébem

The Weeping Sisters who appear at either end of the High Bridge, portending floods.

Signor-My-Friend, who appears in the Royal Loggia at midnight on a Sunday, pacing calmly as he turns and dog-ears the pages of his quaint old breviary. He is said to foretell the discovery and death of a bastard son of royalty who has been promoted to the rank of bishop. Of course, as this circumstance has never occurred, no-one has ever been so ill-bred as to see this ghost.

The Afternoon Angel, who can be seen by anyone brave enough to climb the rocks above the waterfall of the Dusk Rainbow.

Woodenheart, the spirit of a great siege engine that was fired and burned down during the Sack of Louchébem. Its creaking and hissing foretells drought or the threat of fire.


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