Flight From Louchébem

Saint Ansetem bodily ascends from the stake to which he has been tied for burning by a Neo-Platonist mob.

Siege-Master Grundolf is catapulted an estimated three miles when his siege tower is released before he has been tied into his harness during the War of Bridges.

Noted algebraist and cleric Unstor, attempting to synthesise “calcined water”, a substance which he believes to be a necessary precursor to the philosopher’s stone, fills a lightweight parchment bag with hydrogen. His bead and robes, along with some items of laboratory equipment, being entangled with its straps, he is transported roughly two miles and lands in Bullock’s Fields.

The philosopher Crowlock vanishes mysteriously. Among his effects is a letter addressed to “all men of Science”, in which he boasts of having found the method of summoning “an universal levitator, or Sky-Hook, which will take any man being so bold, up into the Heavens.” He is never seen or heard from again.

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