Louchébem Nights (2)





I’m cold. It’s too cold.

“Go to sleep.”

I can’t sleep, it’s too cold. I don’t want to sleep in the hayloft, I want a room.

“We can’t afford a room. Go back to sleep.”

I feel the cold worse than you. I was ‘forged in a fire of fiery flames’. And I’m made of steel, I have high thermal conductivity.

“So you should be warmer than me.”

That’s not what it means.


Tony, let me sleep with you.

“Look, we decided about this. It’s not right. And I might get hurt.”

So on the battlefield he’s all “Whoah look out for my famous magical sword’s edge that can split the lightning” but when the sword is freezing to death it’s “ooh ooh I might cut my thing.” What a man. Some big hero.

“Oh, for Gods’ sake, yes. But leave your scabbard on.”


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