Eruptions that Shook the World

Clive Oppenheimer, Cambridge University Press, 2011

Not as pulpy as its title or dust jacket promise, and much more readable and entertaining than most scholarly books. The author is a volcanologist who draws on historical, archaeological and climatological research to examine the effects that large volcanic eruptions such as Laki, Krakatau and Tambora have had on global climate and society. If you like exploding mountains, you have to read this.

The chapter about geoengineering proposals to mitigate global warming by pumping sulphur dioxide into the stratosphere made me feel that this would be like someone standing on a railroad track in the path of a freight train who says “Walk away? Unthinkable! I’ll simply invent and construct a jetpack!”

One response to “Eruptions that Shook the World

  1. A book about huge explosions by a guy called Oppenheimer (no relation).

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