Teen-speak 2012!

GIF (n.) Mildly obscene acronym for Graphic Image (I’d like to) Format. Unlike their 90s ancestors, GIFs now have subtitles.

selfie (n.) Urban legend, a terrifying spirit that appears in the background of people’s avatars while they are busy looking into their smartphone camera and then eats their souls.

swag (n). Attitude adopted when one has picked up a cool piece of merchandise at a conference. “Check out the logo on my new thumb drive… SWAG”

totes amazeballs (n.) Temporary, not unpleasant state of kinesthetic dissociation experienced during an orgy, when one loses track of what belongs to who.

wub (n.) Sub-genre of dubstep favoured by enthusiastic girls. The leading proponent of wub is Squeelex, who is a GIF of an otter playing with a rubber bathtoy.


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