Prometheus: Questions!

Why are aliens always super-strong?

Why not just relax and enjoy the show?

Why can’t androids disguise the fact that they have no empathy when ordinary human psychopaths do this all the time?

Why do science fiction fans expect science fiction films to be able to provide the same aesthetic pleasures as science fiction books, when this practically never happens?

What if we meet aliens and our faces look exactly like their genitals, instead of the other way around?


One response to “Prometheus: Questions!

  1. Weak antagonists are boring.

    The self-important nitpicking IS the show.

    See ISO31415-7 Universal Robot Narrative Devices Part 7 (2073): Human Similarity Conformance Testing.

    They’re forced to hope something will compensate for their constantly attenuating ability to read.

    A better film than Prometheus.

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