Despite the fact that I haven’t bought their products for five years, Fairfax is still associated in my mind with the idea of a “quality newspaper”, a cultural formation (intrepid, intelligent reporters at the bottom, wealthy but small-l-liberal proprietors at the top, cryptic crosswords somewhere in between) which was always a bit of a romanticised myth but which is now clearly doomed.

I want to say “well we’ll just have to do without it, it’s not like they’ve been helping much for the last two decades” but that would just be me trying to act tough. I miss quality newspapers.


6 responses to “Fairfax

  1. Yeah, it’s a bit shit. My parents always bought the Herald Sun, and it was a minor but significant revelation to me when I started reading The Age as a teenager. For all that it could be a bit Zone 1-centric (Melburnian euphemism for “massively snobby”), it nevertheless opened a window to the world, and was home to many fine journalists and writers. It’s easy to romanticise these things, but it’s hard to deny how central those papers were to a large segment of the population. I have certainly missed reading it, particularly the Saturday edition, since it started its long decline.

  2. Much the same thing happened with me and the Sydney Morning Herald.

    Although I am sufficiently ancient that my parents were reading the Sun, a moderately left-wing tabloid.

  3. Oddly enough i recently started a subscription and started reading it again. Not much content but i like the ipad app ( black and white) that downloads a digital facsimile of the broadsheet.

    Works well and i like being able to read it at 5.00 am when i cant sleep. Perhaps the broadsheet will live on in digital format only.

    Much prefer the digital broadsheet to the other ‘modern’ SMH app but perhaps i am old fashioned.

    As for Gina, I never found the Fairfax family all that progressive anyway. Plenty of room on my ipad for a digital competitor if she proves to be an editorial viking.

  4. Everyone is being way too scared of Rinehart. My opinion is that she’s not a Viking, she’s an idiot. If she gets rid of the Fairfax editorial charter of independence she’s effectively garrotted the credibility of the brand.

  5. Page 3 editorial poetry is a real possibility …..shudder.

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