I have a mouth and it’s up to me whether I scream or not

“Where’s my flying car?” – so Gernsbackian. Where are our New Wave sf predictions?

Topless receptionists
Legal marijuana1
Feminist utopia
Anarchy parks2
Human clones
Radically new ways of thinking about economic and political problems
Dandyish, bisexual assassins
Really shitty Mars colonies
Talking dolphins3
Inexplicable worldwide calamity in the face of which one or two protagonists are able to achieve some sort of mysterious psychological fulfilment4
Psychic powers

1. Not just medicinal but commercial as for eg “Marlboro Acupulco Gold”
2. Some Larry Niven short story had one of these. A guy rocks up and assembles a petrol-driven lawn mower, and when he turns it on a mob gathers and kicks the shit out of him because everyone loathes fossil fuels and the greenhouse effect so much, even in anarchy parks. And Niven was basically a Republican. Yeah, the Seventies were crazy times.
3. They were always pretty irritating, though, so maybe not.
4. Global warming doesn’t count: it’s all too explicable.


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