Marley’s Avatar

A Steampunk Christmas Carol, Part One

“In life I was your partner, Jacob Marley.” The ghostly figure was dressed in chains, leather straps, brass clasps, caoutchouc galoshes, a deep-sea diver’s helmet and steam-driven bondage trousers. He could barely fit through the door.

“I am here tonight to warn you, that you yet have a chance and hope of escaping my fate. You will be haunted tonight by three Spirits!”

“Bah!” said Screwge, as he adjusted the vernier of his right eyepiece, as if to bring the clanking apparition into sharper focus.

“You are nothing more than a simulation, one of the betas he kept on the public babbagenet, the better to short-sell telegraph shares.

“There’s more of data than the date about you, whatever you are!”


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