Mixtape: Theory Wankers

How many songs can we find that have explicit shout-outs to Continental theorists or authors sufficiently wanky to count as theorists?

Scritti Politti: ‘Jacques Derrida’
Tactics: ‘Robbe-Grillet’
Gogol Bordello: ‘Start Wearing Purple’ (Foucault) – thanks @attentive
Dylan’s ‘You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go’, thanks @peterjcaseytwit and @juswal (Verlaine and Rimbaud: wanky enough to count, although Mallarmé would trump them both)
Go-Betweens: ‘Karen’ (Genet, both figuratively and literally wanky) – thanks @juswal

In an alternate universe, it may be that Nick Cave has written a murder ballad about Louis Althusser but I  wouldn’t like it because not liking Nick Cave is a multiversal invariant of my personality. Or so I hope.

Any more suggestions?

(thanks to @wellfutile for both of the above)

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