Out Of This World

I was trying to think of young adult (or I suppose ‘juvenile’ rather than YA) fiction about technology from the 70s for a friend of C’s, which jogged my memory of the series of sf anthologies Out Of This World. These were published in the sixties and early seventies: they were intended to give the juvenile market a survey of the genre, and they blew my mind.

Between them, the council libraries at Granville, Parramatta and Guildford had all of these, and I must have read them all at least twice.

I tracked down the contents pages via this article by Farah Mendlesohn. One of the editors, Amabel Williams-Ellis, was a leftist member of the minor aristocracy who married the architect who designed the fanciful Welsh seaside village used as the location of the original version of The Prisoner, and who was a respected populariser of science. Until proven otherwise I will assume that Yatima made her up.

I took these anthologies for granted: looking at them now I’m impressed by the range. Calvino? So that’s why his voice has always sounded so familiar.

Out Of This World 1

‘Breaking Strain’, Arthur C. Clarke
‘No Place Like Earth’, John Wyndham
‘The Ruum’, Arthur Porges
‘Friday’, John Kippax
‘The Middle of the Week After Next’, Murray Leinster
‘Placet Is a Crazy Place’, Fredric Brown
‘Chemical Plant’, Ian Williamson
‘Men of the Ten Books’, Jack Vance

Out Of This World 2

‘The Trouble with Emily’, James White
‘The Dusty Death’, John Kippax
‘Another Word for Man’, Robert Presslie
‘The Railways Up on Cannis’, Colin Kapp
‘Machine Made’, J. T. McIntosh
‘But Who Can Replace a Man?’, Brian W. Aldiss
‘The Gift of Gab’, Jack Vance
‘The Still Waters’, Lester del Rey

Out Of This World 3

‘Sands Our Abode’, Francis G. Rayer
‘Round Trip to Esidarap’, Lloyd Biggle, Jr.
‘Living Space’, Isaac Asimov
‘The Apprentice’, James White
‘Baxbr’, Evelyn E. Smith
‘Dumb Martian’, John Wyndham
‘Who’s There?’, Arthur C. Clarke
‘Ararat’, Zenna Henderson

Out Of This World 4

‘Inside the Comet’, Arthur C. Clarke
‘Hothouse’, Brian W. Aldiss
‘When the Engines Had to Stop’, Elis Gwyn Jones
‘Twice Bitten’, Donald Malcolm
‘Changeling’, Amabel Williams-Ellis
‘The Astronaut’, Valentina Zhuravleva
‘Billenium’, J. G. Ballard
‘Six-Fingered Jacks’, E. R. James

Out Of This World 5

‘Four in One’, Damon Knight
‘Bottomless Pit’, Philip E. High
‘The Hour of Letdown’, E. B. White
‘Colonial’, John Christopher
‘Badman’, John Brunner
‘Pushover Planet’, Con Pederson
‘The Fiction Machines’, Vadim Okhotnikov
‘Winthrop Was Stubborn’, William Tenn

Out Of This World 6

‘All the Troubles of the World’, Isaac Asimov
‘Fast Trip’, James White
‘The Sickness’, William Tenn
‘The Heart of Blackness’, Robert Ray
‘The Aliens’, Murray Leinster
‘The Nine Billion Names of God’, Arthur C. Clarke
‘Stimulus’, John Brunner

Out Of This World 7

‘The Impersonators’, C. C. MacApp
‘Ordeal in Space’, Robert A. Heinlein
‘The Cold, Cold Box’, Howard Fast
‘To Change Their Ways’, Joseph P. Martino
‘The Moon’, Lucas Parkes
‘Meeting of the Minds’, Robert Sheckley
‘An Ounce of Dissension’, Martin Loran
‘Point of Focus’, Robert Silverberg

Out Of This World 8

‘Victory Unintentional’, Isaac Asimov
‘Coco-Talk’, William F. Temple
‘Second Ending’, James White
‘A Discovery in the Woods’, Graham Greene
‘The Human Factor’, David Ely
‘Six Cubed Plus One’, John Rankine

Out Of This World 9

‘The Diamondwood Trees’, James H. Schmitz
‘Allamagoosa’, Eric Frank Russell
‘A Message for Zoo Directors’, Gerard Klein
‘The Vanishing Man’, Richard Hughes
‘At Daybreak’, Italo Calvino
‘Rich and Strange’, Amabel Williams-Ellis
‘Blemish’, John Christopher
‘Catharsis’, John Rackham
‘Mantrap’, Kathleen James
‘Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow’, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

Out Of This World 10

‘Uncommon Sense’, Hal Clement
‘The Girls from Earth’, Frank M. Robinson
‘A Long Spoon’, John Wyndham
‘Games Without End’, Italo Calvino
‘The Feeling of Power’, Isaac Asimov
‘The Chessplayers’, Charles L. Harness
‘The Great Judge’, A. E. van Vogt
‘The Winter People’, Gilbert Phelps
‘Dead to the World’, H. A. Hargreaves
‘Dreams Are Sacred’, Peter Phillips


2 responses to “Out Of This World

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  2. Out of this world number 10! This is the gem that got me irretrievably hooked to SF, when i were 11 years old.

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