There is a whole lot of bullshit about nuclear reactors going around the net, some of which I’ve promulgated. Sorry.

I’d be less troubled if there were much evidence that the media actually understand the nature of the catastrophe. With some exceptions, it seems that they don’t. Talking about “radiation” as if it were just one bad thing and saying “there is radiation leaking out of the reactor” is very simple-minded, like describing a war by saying “there are lots of shooty bang bangs”.

What kind of radioactive isotopes? How long are their half-lives? Do they get taken up into the human body and stay there for years, like strontium 90? Or do they decay quickly and dissipate as soon as they are released?

Probably no-one knows yet, but I doubt that many journalists would be able to report it even if it were known.

2 responses to “Fukushima

  1. Jeremy Fitzhardinge

    Also apparently there was some kind of large wave which destroyed several cities, killed tens of thousands of people and displaced hundreds of thousands?

    I think? Maybe? It’s a bit hard to tell from the coverage.

  2. I suspect that is because most people are busy trying to make energy policy decisions in the middle of an incredibly bad crisis. Because that’s the very best time to decide anything.

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