On not leaving the country

I think this is the worst election I can remember. Worst in terms of quality of candidates, media coverage, policies on offer, voter disaffection – you name it.

One thing: I am definitely not leaving the country if Abbott is elected. I don’t have a choice in the matter, of course, and pretending that we do is probably one of the reasons why us pinkos get called “elites”, but still.

If that monumental boofhead becomes PM there’s no way I would give up a ringside seat as his administration lurches from one half-manufactured crisis to the next and he finally gets knifed by his own party or kicked out of office by the public.

Does anyone seriously think he has a chance of staying in power for as long as Howard did?


One response to “On not leaving the country

  1. Complete agreement. I won’t say anything further as it just makes me want to throw stuff.

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