Transition / Saturn’s Children

Iain Banks’ dimension-hopping assassin put me in mind of Michael Moorcock, right up to the point where he jumps into a reality in which he is cruising male shop assistants and muses “I never really appreciate being gay,” which is not something you could say about Jerry Cornelius.

And I expected Charlie Stross’ late-Heinlein homage to be a lot trashier. I don’t know what this says about me other than that I read too much late Heinlein when I was at school, and that writing trashier than those books is a big ask. The only bits of Saturn’s Children that got really heated were the economic analyses of interplanetary travel. Hey, whatever floats your boat, or more appropriately, puts your self-aware nuclear rocket into an Oberth maneuver on its way to the Kuiper Belt.

4 responses to “Transition / Saturn’s Children

  1. I’d probably consider reading either or both of those – so are they worth it?

    Recently picked up Gene Wolfe’s Cthulhu / gumshoe mashup An Evil Guest, which you might enjoy.

  2. There’s a dimension-hopping assassin in Transition? I must read it! (I haven’t read a non-M Banks novel since… a long time ago, anyway. A Song of Stone, maybe.)

  3. I reckon Saturn’s Children is worth it if you like Stross’s other books.

    The Banks (which is actually an M Banks) doesn’t really do anything he hasn’t done better in other books.

    I got Transition as a Christmas present and a hardback of Saturn’s Children for $10 in a remainder shop – value for money in both cases.

  4. Also, the political content of Stross’ book is interesting and original.

    Unlike the Banks, the politics of which is kind of like watered down lefty Martin Amis.

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