Generation XL 4

A manifesto with annotations

And, anyway, Generation X* weren’t** especially sarcastic† or ironic.‡ On average, Generation X rocked out at AC/DC a couple of weeks ago and will cack themselves over Hey Hey.

For the rest of us: being isolated in one’s love of something obscure is for the young. When you’re older, it starts to feel too much like a Beckett play.

*An American term? An English band? Maps onto Australia how, exactly? It doesn’t, but it’s too late now to fix that now.

**Very few boomers marched against the Vietnam War; only a small minority of people attended a key party or joined the Manson family in the 70s; the Lost Generation, generally speaking, knew where they were at all times. “Generations” are defined by their outliers.

†Most of the sarcasm I remember from high school was in the “hey did you swallow a dictionary” vein, background radiation by Australian standards. Adopting another layer of sarcasm as a defence against this was a loser’s game, to put it mildly. Even for sarcasm.

‡No, this is not ironic.


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