The Wire

I wish people would stop comparing it to 19th century novels, because, to a first approximation, no-one reads 19th century novels. So that’s a way to tell people that it’s long, difficult and boring and like something you had to sit through at school.

(Yes, I know that you and I both do, but we’re not a representative sample.)

Perhaps the fact that it’s about Issues has made people shy of saying that it’s utterly exciting and entertaining.

Anyway, everyone else has to watch it now so that when I’m in meetings I can use expressions like “juking the stats” and have them understand me. That’s another thing: as well as being exciting, sexy and, at times, blackly hilarious, it’s one of the best shows about work politics that I’ve ever seen.


6 responses to “The Wire

  1. Having re-watched the Wire season 3 and re-read Jane Eyre in the past fortnight I can re-confirm that they’re not strikingly similar.

    Great show. Still to see seasons 4 and 5, I thought the quality dropped off slightly in 3 but it had many blindingly good moments.

  2. (Yes, I know that you and I both do, but we’re not a representative sample.)

    Unrepresentative swill!

  3. Conversely, why can’t we sell Trollope by saying “It’s exciting, sexy, at times blackly hilarious and all about work politics!”?

  4. I’ve had to reassure friends that it is actually entertaining before they would sit down and watch it. Some of the media descriptions make it sound like an ordeal, a lecture in dramatic form.

    We have been watching it for about a year but have deliberately spaced it out and can’t bring ourselves to watch series 5. I’m sure it’s brilliant and all, but it’s also, like, the end!

  5. I bought my wife the whole thing on DVD, and it’s uncomfortably like having introduced her to a successful rival.

  6. Yeah, I reminded C more than once that Omar was not into girls – didn’t make a bit of difference.

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