Happy Penal Colony day!

I find it hard to join in the traditional Invasion Day activity of soul-searching or just whinging about the new Australian phenomenon of “southern cross nationalism”, because a lot of this criticism seems to be based on the new Australian phenomenon of “unabashed class hatred”. And I’m the kind of westie who is uncomfortable with the term “westie”, let alone “bogan”.

Funny how the New Nationalism mostly recycles old American slogans like “Love it or Leave it”. And the one original contribution, “We’re Full”, is just begging to be completed with “of Ourselves”.

I should admit that in my youth I did, in fact, swallow a dictionary. It’s not as hard as they make out. You just have to mince the pages very fine and add enough salt.


2 responses to “Happy Penal Colony day!

  1. A helpful term here in (very South) Canberra would be one describing the privileged, middle class kid who adopts the trappings of boganism on certain days of the year, for the purposes of partying and impressing the opposite sex.

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