Christmas tree

Christmas trees were $89.95 in Newtown and $45 in Marrickville. There were two left, and I got a rare street park in Illawarra Road. We jumped out of the car, raced across the street and did a kind of awkward dance where we were trying to dibs one of the trees and at the same time queue the wrong way in the checkout and explain to the girl what was going on and that could we please have one of the trees, until Grace pointed out that there was no-one in the express lane, so we bought it there.

Then, when I was jamming it into the boot – it never occurs to me that the tree won’t fit in my Corolla – a very kind man named George gave me a piece of rope from his ute to tie the boot closed with, and we drove home with it bouncing slightly, to the girls’ alarm and delight.


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