Schools Spectacular

Schools Spec always has a bunch of standout performances, in addition of course to my own daughters, and to your own children should they be participants.

But this year there was Meriana Gyory, who we’ve seen at a couple of other schools events. I don’t think there are many people who could make charming indie-pop comic singer-songwriting work in a room that big, even with the help of puppets, but she had us eating out of the palm of her hand. I’ll be surprised if she isn’t on Spicks and Specks within twelve months.

The boy’s ensemble deserves a mention too. They were getting Beatlemania-level screams from the girls in the choir.

While I’m on comic songwriting, Peter is crediting me for one of the gags in his song inspired by this week’s events, so linking to it would be an act of shameless self-promotion, if I could remember making it.


6 responses to “Schools Spectacular

  1. Dear Mr Modest,

    You facebooked the following:

    “So… does that mean that climate change is real *now*, but when Turnbull finally gets rolled, it will stop being real? Scary stuff.”

    All I did was make it rhyme.

  2. I am too modest to claim modesty in this case – more like sleep-deprived forgetfulness. And that you made it fit your lyric so well that I didn’t recognise it.

    • Also, I nicked it from Borges, who uses a similar argument to make fun of the doctrine of “might makes right” – which means that Napoleon was right in the morning before Waterloo, but became evil by the end of the day.

    unfortunately she is not on spicks and specks yet but we both love that show and if she were on it i would totally die of happiness!!!

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