Breaking the heart of the party

Fade to black

Obviously I’m biased, because of, you know, science, but I reckon Mr Turnbull is showing more leadership in this speech than Mr Howard did in his entire run as PM, if leadership is taken to include telling your people stuff they don’t want to hear.


One response to “Breaking the heart of the party

  1. I thought about the same.

    At the very least Turnbull has worked out which way the river is flowing and is trying to force the crufty Minchins and Tuckeys to the water to drink.

    I also think Turnbull believes the looming majority of scientists on climate change, which is to his credit even if this is now primarily about the politics of the next election.

    If he does get rolled as leader and hangs around, he might get a second opportunity later if only because he hasn’t utterly compromised himself.

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