The Mysteries: Genesis

Sydney Theatre Company, written by Lally Katz and Hilary Bell, directed by Matthew Lutton, Andrew Upton and Tom Wright, starring the Residents (not the guys with the eyeballs, the Residents)

The idea of a three-hour production of Biblical stories staged in “promenade” style – not much seating, the performance mingling with the performers for one section – brought back memories of happy-clappy 70s churchgoing, but this was a really good piece of theatre, which had me thinking of Russell Hoban and William Blake. Lally Katz’ Apocalypse Bear Trilogy was the original reason for our trip to Melbourne, but this was better. And I don’t think anyone is writing characters in fursuits the way Lally Katz is right now.


A couple of seconds after I took this photo, these guys met another bunch of furries in Federation Square. It would seem that furry culture is indeed going mainstream.

Other things to note: Andrew Upton is kind of tall, or at any rate too tall for me to see around him to find out what Cain and Abel are up to. The “begat”s part of Genesis can be interesting, by having it recited by attractive young people in their undies standing in amongst the audience. Which may be cheating. And actors with tattoos who take on nude roles are a bit like actors who insist on wearing the exact same hat for every role.


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