One of my girls has become a vegetarian, for ethical reasons, and I’m finding cooking meat-free meals a lot more fun than I thought it would be, even when it doesn’t quite work.

Tonight’s tofu stir fry was enjoyed by two out of four patrons, so it wasn’t a complete disaster.

I’m aiming for two out of every three nights I cook for the girls to be completely meat-free: the third night I’ll cook a separate non-meat serving.

I’ve never been vegetarian but I find the moral arguments against meat-eating pretty hard to refute, especially when George Bernard Shaw or Brigid Brophy are doing the arguing, but I have always allowed deliciousness and habit to trump my conscience.

I did find it very hard to look at the meat section of the supermarket after I’d bought a bunch of tofu and mushrooms last week.

I should also say that I’m really proud of her, and that it’s a strange but not unwelcome feeling when one of your kids makes a lifestyle choice like this.


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