I have many fond memories of the Hopetoun Hotel but I’m faintly surprised that it lasted as long as it did. I think I first saw a band there in 1986. For comparison, I wonder how many music venues in Sydney from 1963 were still in operation in that year? The old Capitol Theatre, perhaps. This post puts things in perspective.


4 responses to “Hopetoun

  1. That post’s description of future Sydney sounds exactly like present-day Canberra. Our pubs, as you know, are non-existent or awful.

  2. Is Tilley’s in Lyneham still going?

    I think more venues like that would be better than more music in pubs. Bands in pubs always seemed to me to be a bit of a bad compromise, although between what exactly I’m not sure. The desire of small bands to get an audience and the desire of publicans to get a thirsty crowd, I guess.

  3. Tilleys is still there, although it has scaled back its music. I never think of it as a pub, though – why is that?

  4. Yeah, me neither. It lacks a certain something which is essential to the Aussie pub. The reassuring undercurrent of violence is what’s missing, perhaps.

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