Sonic Youth T-shirt

[a shivery, whining tinkle, a screwdriver scraped down an electric guitar tuned to a whole-tone scale]

There was this girl
in line for coffee
in a Sonic Youth t-shirt
with the Raymond Pettibon cover from Goo
that I thought was trying too hard to be confronting
when I bought that album.

[creaks and thumps like the sound of the couplings on an old freight car plugged into a Marshall stack]

I never listen
to that record anymore
because my pet rabbit jumped on it
while it was playing
one day in 1993.
The record span down
with a sudden EEEEOOWP.
Much to my rabbit’s surprise.

[EEEEEEEEOOOWP. Silence for 7″]

Rock on,
girl in the Sonic Youth t-shirt.

[Explosion of loud distorted guitar with lots of feedback. Repeat till fade.]


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