As You Like It

Shakespeare: the funny bits

Scene: The Forest of Arden.

Enter Celia and Rosalind dressed as a boy. A hot boy.

Oliver. If that an eye may profit by a tongue,
Then should I know you by description;
Such garments and such years: ‘The boy is fair,
Of female favour, and bestows himself
Like a ripe sister: the woman low
And browner than her brother.’ Are not you
The owner of the house I did inquire for?

Celia. It is no boast, being asked, to say we are.

Oli. Orlando doth commend him to you both,
And to that youth he calls his Rosalind
He sends this bloody napkin. Are you he?

Kosky. Fantastic!

4 responses to “As You Like It

  1. A friend of mine overhead this at Kosky’s ‘Moliere’:

    Audience: Boo, hiss etc.

    Kosky (to companion, in a very audible whisper): Don’t they know it’s about THEM?

  2. When I found out C was a Kosky fan, I teased her with a badly-remembered version of that story.

    Then I saw his Women of Troy, and I’m kind of a fan myself now.

  3. And he’s done so much for Paul Capsis that I can’t adopt the dismissive pose either.

  4. After Poppea I decided that he’s the thinking man’s (or possibly wanking man’s) Baz Luhrmann: like Baz, he’s a showman, but he’s read more books. And has much, much better taste in music.

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