#songsincode is one of the most fun Twitter memes I’ve seen, and on Friday night (Sydney time) it was going nuts.

.leaves { color: #630 } #sky { background-color: #999 }

null $ (filter (== "I'm") love)

(and (fast-p (car you)) (wants-ticket-to-anywhere-p me))

my $milkshake; map { $milkshake->bring_to(address => $yard, person => $_) } @boys;

foldl pass [] dutchie

if( grep /^bustle$/, @hedgerow ) { alarm 0; }

To my Twitter followers: you are very patient. Or nerds. Or both.

Here is an interesting rundown from the folk who started it.


3 responses to “songsincode

  1. foldl pass [] dutchie

    Best one I’ve seen! Not least because if you expand the recursion you actually get the repetitive song lyric …

  2. Thanks, I was quite proud of that one. I knew learning Haskell would be good for something.

    This is the one that made me laugh loudest.

  3. It’s interesting how the same songs keep popping up in different versions. Here’s a variation of California Dreamin’ by royvanrijn:

    for(Leaf leaf:leafs)
    { leaf.setColor(new Color(139,69,19)); }

    Ghostbuster, Paint in Black, Hammertime and I Shot the Sheriff all have numerous versions too. I guess programmers listen to a certain kind of music 😉

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