Cecil Taylor

After I got the Cecil Taylor CD I spend a while surfing YouTube for clips of his later concerts. Good grief, why didn’t I know?

The comments are more fun to read than is usually the case. It’s been a very long time since I discovered an artist and then found that other people reckon he’s a portent of the end of civilisation and that people only like him because of hype. They put me in mind of lunar landing conspiracy theorists; whether Taylor’s sounds are to your taste or not it would seem foolish to deny that he’s doing something exceptional.

Look, he’s walking around up there. He’s bringing back ROCKS.

Also on music: Jeremy Denk is a concert pianist with a fun blog. And voting closes tonight for the Hottest 100 Women poll.


One response to “Cecil Taylor

  1. I first heard about Cecil Taylor from drummers. They consider him a percussionist, specialising in a tuned instrument with 88 different bars on it.

    What’s not to like?

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