Michael Jackson RIP

On Friday morning you could hear the words being repeated around the playground as friends met friends and said “Did you hear? Michael Jackson’s dead! The King of Pop’s dead!”

I commented to my kids that it was a lot like when Elvis died and then heard a ripple of whispers spread outward:

“Elvis?” “Elvis!” “But wasn’t he already dead?”

In the afternoon, Sasha was practicising her MJ dance moves in a mournful sort of way, and then brightened.

S: At least there’s one good thing. Now I won’t be scared that Michael Jackson is going to come to my house and murder me.

Me: …why were you worried about that?

S: Oh, because we saw the video for ‘Thriller’ a few weeks ago, and he turns into a freaky zombie.

As for me, I just keep getting songs from Off The Wall (always liked it better than Thriller) stuck in my head and feeling quite sad.


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