“Nine tailors make a man”

Clichés reconsidered

What became of all the tailors? Once upon a time the economy demanded a working population of nimble-fingered, short-sighted men to sew and mend their clothes, act as the butt of comparisons and to serve as swindling rogues or comically unlikely heroes in fairy stories.

With the coming of the machine age tailoring became a specialised occupation catering to the deluxe end of the market, but we may presume that the descendants of the gormless, one-ninth-men who were tailors are still with us, evolution being notoriously slow-moving in these matters.

There is also the question of what all the ancestors of the people who are now programmers did to occupy their time for the long centuries before computers were invented, which may provide the answer to the Tailor Dilemma. As far as I know there are no tailors in my family tree but I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find them there.

One response to ““Nine tailors make a man”

  1. I thought they all moved to Southeast Asia …

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