Nil(e)stoddgers Rundlofgren

When I was a teenager I used to get Todd Rundgren, Nile Rodgers and Nils Lofgren all mixed up. This sort of thing is why I wasn’t very good at being a music nerd, and why true music nerds will always be able to catch me out, but it did give rise to an imaginary producer of even greater scope and versatility than either Todd or Nile. Imagine if the same guy was responsible for ‘Le Freak’ and Bat Out Of Hell and ‘We Gotta Get You A Woman’ and Like a Virgin.

Since I didn’t give a damn about Springsteen, Lofgren really only exists for me as a kind of phonetic bridge between the other two. Although if all pop music were to be plotted on a kind of triangular continuum he would serve nicely as the pole of “hokey sweaty authenticity” to be set against Todd’s “solipsistic studio wizardry” and Niles’ “commercial funkiness”.

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