If there’s one thing I’ve learned so far it’s that there are very few moments where the correct answer to “should I get a massage?” is “No.” This place is good, and cheap.

Actually, I’ve learned plenty of things. Pop music can sometimes change the world, but mostly doesn’t. The fact that it mostly doesn’t is not important. Total, clean separation of programming logic and presentation in a template system is not possible, partly because a template system is an interface between programming logic and presentation. Almost all books considered classics are worth reading, or at least dipping into.

And that’s just four. I could go on, but the massage has blissed me out too much.

And, really, everything changes the world, when you think about it.


6 responses to “Massage

  1. I do believe the children are our future. I also believe in love after love.

    But then I downed 2/3 of a bottle of good sauvignon blanc tonight, so make of it what you will!

  2. I believe I could do with a drink.

    Also, I believe that the WordPress ‘Possibly related posts’ thingummy is being a bit sarcastic this time, and could do with a massage. Or a drink.

  3. Have you read Bestseller by Claude Cockburn. If not you should as you would love it.

  4. If so, you loved it.

  5. I haven’t – but I think you are right.

    If it’s the same Claud Cockburn who wrote Beat The Devil then for sure.

  6. I SAID CLAUDE NOT CLAUD yes you’re probably right.

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