Star Trek

The new Star Trek film is great fun, and full of subtle references for long-time fans. How many of these did you spot?

Nero’s face tattoos actually a highly stylised alien script spelling “KISS ME, I’M ROMULAN”

The new film’s title, Star Trek, is exactly the same as the title of the original series

Uhura shown wearing strange “feminine under clothes” long hypothesised by male Trek fans

Time travel plot device used in full accordance with Starfleet Regulations 109.223(xii-lxiv) governing the permissible use of continuity engineering

Spock and Kirk are, like, totally hot for each other

Nero’s ship’s interior decorated in traditional Musty Dank Lair style

Older viewers will notice “time dilation” effect in which mid-20th century franchises live on for so long that it seems as if pop culture itself were slowing down

Sound of shuttle engines is a digitally processed version of Harlan Ellison screaming


3 responses to “Star Trek

  1. You know, I have never had much interest in ST but the hype almost dragged me into the cinema. I managed to avoid succumbing (or is believing that a mere phase in the battle?)

  2. The film is being overhyped because people are a bit amazed and flabbergasted that someone made a Star Trek film which isn’t boring.

  3. I was going to say that if you aren’t already interested in Trek you’re probably not going to like the film.

    But on the other hand, while I was watching it, I thought “I kind of wish I didn’t already know so much about Trek, then I could see if this is an enjoyable film in its own right, without all the nods and winks and in-jokes.” So, who knows?

    That’s not a reason why you should see the film, however. It’s a reason why I should know less about Star Trek.

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