“So, was it a productive meeting?”


It was… I don’t really know where to begin. [mutters distractedly, looks into middle distance.] Did you ever have one of those… I don’t want to say, experiences, because it’s more like, I don’t know, an event, or a turning point. And after it, nothing will ever be the same, ever again. [eyes begin to shine with ecstasy] Before 10 AM this morning, I thought I knew so much. And now: I realise that I know so little. So very little. And that realisation, which this morning would have terrified me, honestly, the really incredible thing is, that it’s liberating, the fear is all gone. It’s a source of joy. And that joy is something I will have with me… well, I hope it will be with me for the rest of my life.


What meeting? What do you know? [grasps interlocutor’s coat lapel and thrusts them behind a partition] I want you to listen, and I don’t want you to speak until I am finished. You never saw me come out of that doorway. You never saw Sandra, Frank, or that guy from Accounts with the nostril hair in the same corridor together. Do you know that there are things happening all around you that you not only cannot control, but that you cannot comprehend? Imagine an ant on the footpath. Imagine if two or three people on the same footpath were to have an encounter, share a joke, smoke a cigarette, swap business cards, flirt, cuff one another approvingly on the shoulder blades, make menacing gestures, exchange angry words, even come to blows. What do you think the ant would make of that? I’m not saying that you are that ant. Because we never had this conversation. You never saw me here.

3. (recommended)

You know, the usual. [shrugs] I don’t even know why we bother with these things.

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