Hyperion: Stratigraphy

0 .0 mya – virtual particle haze, icing sugar

1.0 mya – high porosity rubble

1.5 mya – tholines, tar, nicotine, fibres

2.0 mya – low porosity rubble, buttons, loose change

3.6 mya – ices (astronomical)

3.9 mya – documentation

5.2 mya – sediment

5.4 mya – unknown, possibly jam

5.5 mya – ices (gastronomical)

5.6 mya – mud

8.6 mya – mud generators (all that is known about the civilisation who built these is they had a highly advanced femtoscale technology and that they really liked mud)

9.2 mya – carpet tiles, dust bunnies

9.3 mya – strange matter / gluon amalgam

9.5 mya – outer core of tightly wound rubber bands

10.1 mya – inner core of synthetic cork

2 responses to “Hyperion: Stratigraphy

  1. Peter J Casey

    Please explain this to me, an sf ignoramus. Because I find it very funny, and I don’t know why.

  2. Glad you liked it. And ‘funny but I don’t know why’ was pretty much the effect I was aiming for. Explanation sent via facebook.

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