This year I decided to avoid showbag envy so I took Grace’s Kit Kat bag off her hands after she changed her mind, only to find when I got home that more than half of the items were past their use-by dates. I suppose that’s one of the reasons showbags exist.  I feel a bit like someone who only just noticed that the apples used to make toffee apples are the low quality apples.

There were some attempts at adult showbags but they were all either dull or comically sad, like the FHM bag containing back issues of the magazine, beef jerky and an Easy Mac pasta meal. All of these were sponsored by magazines, which made me wonder if The Monthly should produce one.

3 x back issues of The Monthly
1 x back issue of Quarterly Essay
1 x Australia’s Best Political Essays 2008
1 x hair shirt
1 x poseable Robert Manne action figure, with fence
1 x lucky dip item – secondhand volume of poetry by either Les Murray or Clive James

On second thoughts, perhaps not.


3 responses to “Showbag

  1. Robert Manne does enough posing of his own, do we really need an poseable action figure? The fence would be good though. Perhaps we could have a line of them – Cold War Rambo costumed Manne, and grey-tweed jacketed Howard-era Manne?

    What would the editor-busting Manne wear? Black turtle-necks?

    What would you put in a showbag?

  2. Lucky dip items from a good secondhand bookstore, a single malt whiskey miniature, sampler CDs from some experimental record labels (local and overseas), and some decent savoury snack food – wasabi peas or roasted macadamias or both.

  3. Bu&&@r the miniature single malt. I want the whole thing. Not sure about the 2nd hand bookstore lucky dip. You never know what’s lurking out there. Otherwise, yum to everything else.

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