White vinyl

After yatima observed that Voss and the Vivisector  would be a good name for a post-folk duo, I noticed that most of Patrick White’s titles would make great band names, although the hypothetical bands which these imply are not always so great. Riders in the Chariot – hard rockers with a hotted-up purple Valiant as their “character car” (a la ZZ Top’s Eliminator) – are obviously fantastic, but The Solid Mandala’s brand of mystical psychedelic trance was already dated back in 1993, and the less said about Alan Parsons Project wannabees The Eye of the Storm, the better.

The louchely androgynous art rock of The Twyborn Affair still attracts the discerning listener, as do A Fringe Of Leaves’ combinations of reggae, New Guinea sing-sings and suburban field recordings, even if they are slightly earnest.

And while we’re on the subject, I’ve been offered Voss Mineral Water at two different Australian restaurants lately.


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