It’s a Knockout! with Matthew Barney

Alternate reality tv

Part 7: Twilight of the Ovipositor

In this week’s episode, our two families dress as Vikings and battle the fearsome False Unicorn armed only with footballs made of frozen Vaseline. But watch out for the Membranes!
Special guest stars: Jeff Koons, Michael J Fox. Rated PG

It’s a Knockout! with Matthew Barney, Uncut and Unseen – The Penetralia

It’s all the footage they wouldn’t let us show you in our special adults-only special at 9.30. Not for the squeamish!


3 responses to “It’s a Knockout! with Matthew Barney

  1. With your recent Shakespearian excursions, I’m surprised you haven’t had a joke about the “portrait” of Shakes that appeared the other day.

  2. The ABC news coverage of the portrait last night was so dumb (“did you know Shakespeare’s patron looked completely like a GURL oh no does that mean the Bard was a Whoopsy!?!”) that it drove the whole subject completely out of my mind.

  3. Everything I’ve read about it suggests the portrait isn’t legit. Apparently the family for whom it’s a “tradition” that the portrait is of William have a similar tradition that the portrait is of Raleigh. Anyway.

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