How the Utopias ended

We got sick of eating fruit.
The Utopia in the next valley declared war on our Utopia.
The heroes came and explained to us that our Utopia was an illusion and that our freedoms were based on lies. Then they had a big argument with the Grand Wazoo and the volcano erupted.
Runaway hyperinflation.
Giant ants.
We abandoned our Brutalist buildings because they had mildew problems and always flooded after it rained.
After three weeks the Utopia was forced to became a bloody and repressive dictatorship.
An outbreak of an unmentionable disease.
The Utopia was preyed upon by a race of hideous nocturnal creatures who kidnapped and devoured those of us who strayed too far from the walls after dark. Once we realised this and stayed in at night, depriving them of their chief source of protein, the machines gradually stopped working.
An argument in a communal kitchen over the question of whether Utopia, being the perfect state of human society, thereby implies non-Utopia (or even Dystopia) led to a long-standing feud which in turn escalated into civil war.
The Stagnationists lost an election.
It was discovered that we all carry an image of Utopia within our hearts and so we dispersed.


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